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Dr. Sanderson’s Miracle Insomnia CURE!

Learn about the groundbreaking new method that has helped ONE PERSON overcome sleep-onset insomnia! by Alan B. Sanderson, MD Sleep is a fascinating topic for geeks like me. It turns out that scientists don’t have a satisfactory answer to the … Continue reading

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Confidence in Our Special Knowledge

Just as a physician develops special skills and knowledge through years of apprenticeship, all of us can become disciples of the Savior and be recipients of special light and knowledge. by Rand Colbert, MD A few days before graduation, my … Continue reading

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The Crescent Moon

Remembering Christie Perkins by Alan Sanderson, MD On a cold morning a few months ago I walked from my car at the end of the parking lot to my office. I passed by the cancer clinic and the outpatient infusion … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana

I remain cautiously optimistic that cannabidiol will someday become another weapon in our arsenal of anti-seizure drugs, but we are not there yet. by Alan Sanderson, MD As a follow-on from my previous post about alternative medicine, I want to … Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine

Whether we turn to a medical doctor, a chiropractor, or directly to the Lord himself, our hope is that we will get better and feel well. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD I once had a patient in my clinic with … Continue reading

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To be Learned is Good If…

Achievement and learning are a means to an end, not the end in itself. by Rand Colbert, MD As a child I developed a deep love of reading. As would seem natural for any boy with an inclination for the … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Dear Friend

If you listen carefully you will hear the sweet voice of our Lord Jesus, as his words are spoken by apostles and prophets and carried to our hearts through the Holy Ghost. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD Many years ago … Continue reading

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