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Ministering for Sociophobes: A Practical Guide

If you have social phobia, please know that there are positive things you can do about it. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD One of my earliest memories of social anxiety was when I delivered an invitation to the next-door neighbors … Continue reading

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Confidence in Our Special Knowledge

Just as a physician develops special skills and knowledge through years of apprenticeship, all of us can become disciples of the Savior and be recipients of special light and knowledge. by Rand Colbert, MD A few days before graduation, my … Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine

Whether we turn to a medical doctor, a chiropractor, or directly to the Lord himself, our hope is that we will get better and feel well. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD I once had a patient in my clinic with … Continue reading

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Mourning with Those that Mourn

He was bearing a burden, and I could help him bear it by Alan B. Sanderson, MD I was in the middle of a busy day in my neurology clinic, running behind schedule and worrying that my patients would be … Continue reading

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Four Years of MormonDoctor.com

We will move forward, doing what we can to help people understand the faith that breathes so much hope and purpose into our lives. One post at a time, we will try to explain how this wonderful religion guides us … Continue reading

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Sometimes It Won’t Get Better

Doctors want to help people and fix things, but we are frequently confronted by our own limitations by Alan B. Sanderson, MD She came to my office complaining of right hand weakness and severe, constant, distressing pain in her right … Continue reading

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It Becomes You, Part IV: Academic Vertigo and the Identity Crisis

Thoughts and memories about medical school clinical rotations, specialty choice, and applying to residency by Alan B. Sanderson, MD This article is the fourth of a six-part series, written in the hope that it will be useful to those who … Continue reading

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